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The premier saltwater recreational rowing club on the North Shore, Marblehead Rowing Club (known to members as Rock’n’Row) offers unlimited rowing access to qualified rowers. The club is community oriented and non-restrictive. Membership is made up of a diverse group ranging in age from teenager to retiree and rowers at all levels of skill.

An ideal setting

The current storage facilities are located at Marblehead Trading Company on “Cradle Skid Row” off 3 Beacon Street Drive in Marblehead. It’s a beautiful setting that combines the shelter of Brown’s Island for novice rowers and direct access to open water for the more adventurous.

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Boats and storage

The club currently offers an array of recreational shells including: 6 Echos, 4 Alden Stars, 4 Zephyrs, 4 Maas Aeros and 1 Maas Carbon Fiber Double for a total of 19 shells. We also have limited, free boat storage for privately owned boats. The season runs from about the middle of May (depending on water temperatures) to the end of September.


Rock’n’Row’s membership is made up of a diverse group of individuals — current members range in age from teenager to retiree — rowing at all levels of skill. Though the reasons people join will vary from person to person, we all share a common interest in the immense pleasure of rowing on salt water, sometimes alone, sometimes together, in the exceptionally beautiful ocean that surrounds Marblehead and the North Shore. For more information, please contact us at: